This website contains documentation of personal subjective experiences with psychedelic substances in varying dosages.

I have an unquenchable appetite for mysteries, and unraveling them. One of the biggest mysteries of our lives is the workings of our mind and consciousness, and it is for this reason that I perform these self experiments.

My reason for doing this is in hopes that, through my experiments, it might potentially lead to a breakthrough for individuals in the academic field, particularly those studying the human brain (e.g. neuroscientists, psychiatrists, etc.). This is my reason for using psychedelic compounds; to explore human consciousness – particularly myself and the human experience as a whole – and provide information to the scientific community.

In-depth descriptions of the effects of different compounds may also prove useful for those in certain lines of work. For example, the potential applications of LSD in cold case detective work.

I am particularly gifted at accurately describing very abstract experiences in layman terms, and can give extremely accurate insight as a result, and thus I feel a scientific obligation to use this skill for the potential advancement of mankind’s understanding of the human brain.

Unfortunately some trip reports may appear crude in their writing, but I feel that gives you the rawest and truest insight. I want to give to you the experience precisely as I experienced it – which means not filtering it through social acceptability, but using the exact same intensity of wording or feeling that I was experiencing at the time, be it vulgar or not.

More intellectually insightful might be my descriptions of the effects of each substance (including similarities noted with other substances), rather than the specific trip reports written. But I am documenting everything for sake of transparency and completionism. All information should be made publicly available for the sake of science…

…However, since I am essentially opening up my very soul and core as a person to you by giving you the experiences in such raw wording and format (beyond the depth I would be known to even close family members), I ask that you please view them from the point of view of a scientist and please do not judge me as an individual.

Think of this as the Anne Frank diary of psychedelics: A totally raw and unfiltered view into myself and the effects of different compounds on perceptions and consciousness. Anne Frank is a kind of personal hero of mine and someone I look up to, and her raw entries in “Kitty” her diary have inspired me to be every bit as blunt.