10 to 30mg N,N-DMT – Four trips, first time experimenting

Dose: Between 10 to 30mg. Measured, but amount cleared is not possible to discern.


So I bought a Storz & Bickel vaporizer specifically for DMT. I don’t like cannabis, so as said it is for DMT only. I reagent tested the freebase powder, Ehrlrich showed purple, then I used Mandelin to differentiate between 5-MeO (well, hopefully) and that went a medium dark brown. I should have had Hofmann and Froehde reagent but alas I did not.

I was advised to use the “dosing caps” mixed with some herbs like green tea, but saw the powder would fall through the holes.

So I just put the liquid pad (which is the standard wire mesh type pad) into the vape, and the measured DMT powder directly on top. I loaded 30mg using the loading aid thing they include with the vape. I did not intend to use this all, but simply loaded it “in case” I wanted to go there.

Temperature set to 170C.

I waited until it hit 170C then counted to 10 seconds, then began to inhale. The technique similar to Salvia, a long deep inhale, breathe in some air on top, then hold it down as long as you can.

Surprisingly, despite being a non-smoker, the vapor was easy to manage this time round (it was not on subsequent attempts with longer inhales). It tickled and I felt a mild urge to cough, but on traditional vapes when I put the wattage up I cough real bad. With this, I was able to inhale deeply and hold it. This surprised me especially because I have heard that DMT smoke is incredibly harsh.

PURPOSEFULLY because it’s my first experience with this substance, I did it slowly and in chunks so as to not go deeper than I’m ready for. Therefore I took moderate inhales and held for only about 10 to 15 seconds each, with breaks between each go of this as I waited for the effects to fully materialize before taking more. I can tell that had I done it properly and filled my lungs, it would have been a very strong experience…

On about my third inhale taking it bit-by-bit like this, I felt something unusual so I quickly turned the vape off and set it down in case I were to blast away…

For those who have never used DMT before, I can describe this threshold experience as such… The first thing that becomes noticeable is a feeling throughout your body sort of like you’ve taken a sedative (diazepam specifically), but your mind remains as alert as you are sober. Everything relaxes in a very pleasing way.

I found myself smiling as a sense of joy came over me.

Visually, I noticed certain objects began to take on an effect which looked much like I had used the “Posterize” effect in PhotoShop. A supplement bottle on top of my mini-fridge for example, it started to look a tad cartoony and flat. It only applied to certain objects.

Closing my eyes, I had slight visuals. The visuals were sort of like a fish scale effect (I later learned this is common and people use the parallel of a Chrysanthemum flower’s petals if you were staring directly into the flower, which is exactly what it was). Out of the darkness petal/scale like patterning seemed to emerge, but these visions were also mostly dark and shadowy. The scales at one point became fish, and each fish had a single eye on its face.

Next it felt like I saw a lightbulb above me, it was illuminating a pale blue room which was up and to my left. It reminded me of a scene from a David Lynch movie or something… A number of visuals flashed by… Out of the fish scale darkness and despite NOT being religious, there appeared a visual like a person sitting cross-legged with their hands together in prayer, a flock of dark birds swirled around, something like a carnival type scene with a spinning disc in the middle… There were many and they were too fleeting to memorize each and every one.

Then a buddhist statue, but this was more detailed and colored in (pale green).

These visions were all seen mainly with the mind’s eye rather than the true eye, and many visions seemed to appear in my peripheral like I often experience on LSD and Salvia.

I felt that I was in touch with something more powerful than myself- but only very briefly did I feel this. With my eyes open, I very briefly began to experience another effect similar to high dose LSD where I lose focus on the real room and visuals appear in front instead. You can sort of emulate it if you purposefully unfocus your eyes and daydream… However again this was fleeting as I did not take much, but I could see what sort of direction it could go in if I had taken a larger amount.

I was able to move but I didn’t want to. My body felt sedated. I am still under the influence in that sense (my body feels sedated) a bit, especially in my legs, but I’m able to type this because I took such a threshold amount just to test the waters.

I can see that if I had done it “properly” to blast off the experience would be very strong. Sort of like Salvia, but because your mind remains human (whereas Salvia shreds your mind too much to feel fear – at least for me I go too cuckoo-clock crazy on Salvia to be afraid of the experience), it’s a little intimidating. Especially with the religious imagery… Of note, on LSD the only religious imagery I have seen was arabic in nature, whereas on DMT it appeared to have a Buddhist tone.

I think this is a substance I would like to use on LSD. Being completely sober and using it is a tiny bit intimidating, but in the tripping mindset such as you are in on LSD, I believe the intoxication would make it easy to do properly without anxiety. Seeing such imagery while so sober of mind is a bit freakier.

I did a second test run later that night but this time in darkness without music and on 1 mg Xanax. I experimented with a few things to give data on it. Just as an aside, Xanax (not other benzos) apparently has direct effectiveness in preventing heart attacks. So does aspirin but everyone knows that.

I took a bigger first inhale and this hit me harder, but I didn’t follow up as much. I played around with a few things. I know LSD makes phone screens go bizarre, so I chucked my phone screen on real quick.

The effect is different than LSD but the screen did also mess about a bit in this instance. Instead of text going “glitchy” it sort of looked more like each letter was spaced apart more than usual, and everything looked very clearn.

I looked at a photo of my friend, as his face warps around on LSD. The distortion here was different. On LSD his face shifts like lenticular printing, but on DMT his face was sort of warping at the edges inwards, in the scale/petal type way that I described earlier which I see is described in DMT circles as “Chrysanthemum” patterning.

There is a mild tracer type effect like on LSD. However it seems it hits sooner, since I have to be way more intoxicated on LSD to get tracers.

Eyes closed visuals this time were weaker, maybe due partly to Xanax or because I instead did a bigger up front inhale with less followup. But I did have slight visuals, nothing noteworthy enough to deep dive.

I checked my pulse periodically, it remained about the same in fact…

Heart Rate Mid-Trip: 65 BPM.
Blood Pressure Mid-Trip: 146/77 (Systolic elevated into Grade 1 hypertension. Dystolic normal), a little elevated for me.

After the experience my pulse returned to 57 BPM. This second test run was to play around with things like that, get a feel for medical alterations, alteration of effect with Xanax, and documenting visual distortions with more specificness.

Third and Forth Attempt…

I barely remember the third attempt at all, but the fourth was major and again in darkness. I loaded 20 mg of DMT and this time breathed in a lot of it. Perhaps even came close to clearing the lot of it.

On the fourth attempt I vaped 20mg N,N-DMT: LOL at this Kingda Ka tier blast off insanity

To be honest I don’t remember enough of it to say much, but I took a proper loooong inhale, my first time clearing I think an amount like this. It was uncomfortable but I have music on in my earphones and that helped drive me on to breathe in more and more. Like how it can help you push harder in the gym.

I was going to count as I held in the smoke. Stuff started happening before I’d even got to 1. The Chrysanthemum type petal pattern taking over. I didn’t actually feel like I NEEDED to breathe anymore, whereas just prior I was like gagging to cough this stuff up. But the sensation just went and I could probably have held my breathe for a minute or more. I would have taken more but things came on so sudden and intense that I worried I might go too far.

I eventually breathed out and I feel like the volume of the music I was listening to or something about it did something quite different than I’m used to (and I know this track well – I used Alter Ego by N’to). It seemed to get insanely loud and the sound itself warped a bit.

I grabbed my phone to tell my friend like wtf this is crazy. I typed “I’m on dmt” then it started picking up and I wrote “HIIIIIIIIIIGH”, then “it only lasts 20 minz”, followed by Holy FUCKKKKKK, followed by OH MY GODDD LOL.

Everything was too new and overwhelming to remember. Too many new things happening at once. This time I just remember the music seemingly changing but there was a shit load of things going on.

I kept putting my screen off but it actually seemed crazier with my phone screen on, the luminensce of the screen was making stuff happen around it. I’ve put my screen on on lower amounts and I notice everything looks “cleaner” than usual and letters spaced further apart.

It looked like there were maybe aliens on the left side of my room, I figure it was just my trash can.

I don’t really remember anything else… I expected it to last 20 minutes on 20mg but really it was definitely more like Kingda Ka, you just get absolutely LAUNCHED into space (before you even exhale) and then after maybe 3 to 5 minutes you start to exit the peak of the stratosphere.

I don’t know fully what happened but LOL at that. That’s some Nitrous balloon tier 0 to 100 and back again type lift off. Madness…

Excited to do it on LSD in a couple of days.

Comparison to LSD

The “blast off” from DMT makes it feel more intense than LSD. Being sober when doing it also makes it more intimidating. LSD slowly alters your mind as your perceptions change, and so whatever you do experience is from the mindset of a tripping person. On DMT your mind stays far more sober allowing you to experience things in extreme clarity, which is intimidating.

I think I prefer LSD overall, but DMT while on LSD could be very enjoyable.

As far as I could tell there was no negative body load that I was able to discern. The body load was more like a sedative. LSD body load can be physically uncomfortable in some ways (I think this is rare, but it gives me a slightly dodgy throat and stuffy nose).