The Theory of Everything

As many are probably aware the use of psychedelics can provide people with “revelations” about the nature of reality. Here I will provide faithfully the ideas given to me by psychedelics. I will not provide my sober musings, only those conjured up in the midst of a psychedelic experience.

The Theory of Everything (Presented as a Tree)…

I am given the idea of total and absolute monism. Everything that exists is all one and the same. Using the model of a tree is the easiest way to explain this.

Essentially it is this…

Existence is a singular thing and it can be envisioned as a tree. Every “separate” thing inside of existence (such as you, the floor beneath your feet, the birds chirping outside your window, the flowers in your garden etc.) can be envisioned as a leaf on this tree. On this particular tree, leaves can not ever fall off of the tree, only be reabsorbed back into the tree. Anything that exists is permanently woven into this tree (the singular plane of existence).

Nothing that exists can ever NOT exist because non-existence does not exist.

Leaves can be unique and different from each other, but they are actually just extensions/expressions of the tree. Leaves can have different colors and shapes but they are all actually (at the core of everything) the tree itself. That is why you and I are both one thing and yet different at the same time. Because we are smaller parts of one sum whole total.

We are all the tree and the tree is us. WE (the singularity) are everything there ever was and ever will be. We are unstoppable and all-powerful because we are existence itself.

I do not see that existence itself (the tree) ever changes… It is always the same singular plane, just its expressions (the leaves) are constantly being reabsorbed and transformed into new leaves.

Existence itself (the tree) does not care about you, it doesn’t care about good or bad, there is no Karma, no emotion – it simply “is”.

We are no more important than a grain of sand. Our lives mean no more than that. But we are also no lesser than anyone else around us. We are all equal because we are all one. And we are all much bigger than we believe we are as we are actually the all-encompassing everything. We and it are one and the same.

Ideas such as Karma are human creations added onto baseline ideas of oneness and reincarnation which are similar to the ideas given to me on psychedelics.

The Afterlife, and Karma…

There is no “afterlife” but there was no “beforelife” either. You already existed at the genesis of reality and will continue to exist eternally due to you being the fabric of existence itself. Before your current life you existed in a different form (a different leaf/leaves), and after this life you will exist in a different form/forms… Just as you are made from matter from many dying stars, your matter will make other forms, other extensions of the tree. You will never cease to exist.

Upon your death you will return “home” to what you really are and where you really came from, which is the tree. You will reunify with the tree until becoming a new leaf.

There is no heaven or hell, reincarnation is accurate. But it will follow no patterns based on whether you were “good” or “bad” in life and you will not necessarily come back as a creature – nor will you necessarily return with all of your being in one thing, rather spread through many things. Adolf Hitler and the Pope are equal in the “eyes” of the everythingness, because the everythingness does not have any concept of right and wrong, nor does it care.

On that topic of good and bad, morals, emotions, pain, there is no such thing. Good and bad does not exist. Right and wrong does not exist. Pain does not exist. Emotion does not exist. At least not outside of the human experience… They are purely human things unique to the human condition (and some other creatures)… Inventions implanted by evolution and natural selection… Your bedroom wall does not feel agony when set alight, agony is a creation of the brain. The brain hypothetically could at any moment make you feel exactly like you are burning alive, but it doesn’t due to hardwiring. When you are set alight, the stimulus of the fire causes your brain to create the sensation of pain. But it does not actually exist in a literal sense.

At the ultimate reality which is COMPLETE ego death and total unification with existence itself, human emotion ceases to exist. Anything that isn’t pure awareness ceases to exist. All that exists is existence itself. There is no bliss, joy, fear, anxiety, nothing. Just awareness and nothing more.

On Consciousness…

The universe itself (the everythingness) as it presented itself to me appeared conscious. I am given ideas of panpsychism (that some form of consciousness is an inherent force of existence, present in all things)… We are perhaps just a collection of many consciousnesses – from everything that makes up our self – organized into one “collective consciousness” by the brain.

I communicated with the “everythingness” or parts of it during segments of DMT trips – in one particular instance an aspect of the universe which reminded me of Salvia Divinorum’s headspace was causing me to almost crack up into crazed laughter and it wanted me to promise I wouldn’t spoil the practical joke by telling everyone they’re actually all us – that I’d let them keep believing they’re actually humans etc.

The human brain’s function is to organize consciousness. It ensures you maintain one salient thread of conscious awareness and that you follow certain instincts and signals which ensure survival due to evolution. You seek “good” and avoid “bad”. Neither of these things literally exist, they are evolutionarily advantageous inventions. You create memories which you can then learn from and use to ensure survival.

Without a center of conscious organization, you would be a mess of experience, a blob of confused matter where past, present, and every single thought coincides at once. This is something experienced on 4-AcO-DMT, and can be on many other psychedelics in fact, where your mind suddenly has many different threads of awareness coexisting at the exact same time. This can become very confusing and prevent you from remaining present in the moment.

Panpsychism may be accurate.

If all of existence is aware (“I think therefore I am” is the only thing inherent to our being – and if we ARE existence itself (the tree), then it is inherent to ALL of existence because we and it are one and the same), then the fear of death may not be a fear of non-existence – but rather a fear of losing our current vessel and memories, ego, etc. Actual death could therefore quite literally be like the deepest ego death type psychedelic trips where you “cease to exist” and become the totality.

On the Creator…

If there is or isn’t a creator it is not possible for us to communicate with this thing/being, because it is not in our spacetime (the tree).

We are permanently tethered to our spacetime and can never leave it in any way shape or form. Any creator is something outside of this spacetime and therefore the closest we can get to God is unification with spacetime itself and total ego dissolution. We cannot ever go further than that, not even when we die.

Entities and deities that present themselves on heavy psychedelics like DMT may not be real, they may be manifestations of a higher form of our own consciousness. The fact the themes are similar could probably be explained by a triggering of specific electrical circuits in the brain that resemble the same circuits we use when interpreting certain objects in the real world. On non-psychedelic substances like Datura, even non-smokers tend to smoke invisible cigarettes. On diphenhydramine (an antihistamine) overdoses, people very often see spiders.

If the entities and deities do exist, however, they are also part of the everythingness. We and they are one and the same. You might view them as branches on the tree… A step above us leaves but below the ultimate all-encompassing existence which is the tree itself. When united with the tree itself, the deities and entities feel less powerful than you in that moment. They are an aspect of spacetime.

Nothing exists but existence itself…